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And Collar's clothing is perfect for guys who live in their active-wear but also care about the planet. Their innovative blend of fabrics ensures maximum performance, while upcycled plastics keep our waterways and landfills clean.

At The Grounded Company, my team and I loved dreaming up, planning, and executing monthly advertising content for And Collar. We're proud to have partnered with such a stylish and sustainable brand.

As the creative director, I got to flex my video-making muscles and lead the team in brainstorming, shooting, and editing 3-6 stylish ads per month. Each ad was like a mini movie, with the added bonus of being cut down into three different lengths, so And Collar could test and run the best-performing one. It was a blast to bring our creative ideas to life and help And Collar stand out from the competition.

Case study

And Collar

My role

Creative direction


Design team lead


And Collar


2022 - 2023

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