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Developed and oversaw the brand identity, strategy, website, ad campaign visuals and copy for Archie which resulted in 10x site visitors.

Archie, a brand by Nestlé is a high-quality dog food delivery service that partners with local kitchens to offer fresh, on-demand and subscription based meals for your dog(s).

I was tasked with creating the name, brand, website and creative ads + copy for this project. I managed a team of designers, web developers and motion designers to create Archie.

The goal of this project was to use targeted ad campaigns to gauge interest for this on-demand and subscription based service.

The challenge with Archie was creating an entire brand around a product that had yet to exist. The only information given was what they wanted it to be and who it was targeted too. This project required a full team to build out a completely custom website with multiple pages of complex custom code.

Now you can order food without your dog guilt tripping you when your food shows up on your door. Archie is the go-to solution for dog owners who want to spoil their dog while keeping them healthy and happy.

Case study


My role

Creative Direction

Competitor Analysis

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Brand Messaging

Website Design

Ad Campaign Design

Brand Naming

Media Buyer

Web Design

Web Development





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