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Redesigned and developed Ascetia's new website, which resulted in a 30x increase of onsite visitors.

Ascetia is a powerful, new health supplement providing industry- leading preventative and curative assistance in the nutrition-based fight against inflammation and its role in chronic conditions.

I was tasked with designing and developing the website as well as finding and purchasing stock photography for marketing and website material. 

My process started with a simple website wireframe that was designed with flow and transparency in mind. Once the wireframe was signed off by the client, I designed the website layout and managed a web developer to build out the custom site in Shopify. I also worked with a copywriter to input the verbiage on the site and finish the site off with on-page SEO. 

The most challenging part of this project was creating hierarchy rules for color usage on the website. I designed my own set of hierarchy rules to ensure each section contrasted well and never distracted the users from purchasing the product.

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My role

Art Direction

Website Design

Media Buyer





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