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Created ad campaign visuals and copy for 90+ stores in the USA and Canada that was displayed across multiple media formats such as POP, digital, and social. 

Located in the USA and Canada, Costa Vida is a Fresh Mexican Grill with more than 90+ stores in the USA alone. With spring around the corner, I was tasked with creating multiple assets for their Q2 ad campaigns.

The goal for Q2 was to drive sales to their Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Salad and their Fresh House-Made Drinks by developing a campaign that generates craving, desire and excitement for these fresh and flavorful menu items.

The challenge with this project was to leverage the existing photography from previous campaigns and create ads that were fresh and new.

Before beginning this project, I researched different textures, fonts, and layout formats to create moodboards. This helped me conceptualize what the end product might look like. From there, I created 5 layout options with different design directions. This process helped the client quickly narrow down their favorite to just 2 options and keep to the project timeline.

The hardest part of this project was fitting the content of the design on multiple formats. The salad had 26 size options while the speciality drinks had 32 size options. I had to be sure at the very beginning that my design would be scalable across all sizes. 

The final deliverables consisted of 4 campaign options, with 25+ sizes per item. Each campaign will be displayed across sneeze clings, register toppers, social media accounts, TV ads and more this spring in all US + Canada stores. 

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