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After I review your requests and ask any questions I might have, I'll send you a quote for the estimated hours. If at any point of the project I meet the quoted hours, I will reach out to you to let you know if there will be additional hours billed. Once all the edits are done and you’re satisfied, i’ll send you an invoice that you can easily pay via email.

How do I know how much this is going to cost?
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As much as you would like! However, if you’re wanting to build out a page or more, we recommend starting a project to save you time and money. That way I can do my research, map out the wireframe, and get your feedback on a meeting or two before designing. If you need more than edits, please contact me on our contact page.

How much do you customize while making edits?

I recommend typing your requested edits in a Word or shared Google doc beforehand. Include images or screenshots if possible.

What do I need to have ready before getting started?

Yes, I can customize sections of your site to perform dynamically. I can do almost anything.. Except force people to buy your product or service. Still unsure if I can bring your custom idea to life? I'm  happy to talk it over with you.

Are you able to design custom elements and code?
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This service is only for existing site edits. If you’d like to redesign your website or create a whole new website, reach out to me on the contact page to get started. 

Can I use this service to redesign my website?

Compile your edits

Type up your requests in a word doc. Include screenshots to avoid any back and forth.

Fill out the form

Use the button on the left to fill out the form. You’ll attach the word doc to this form.

Receive a quote

We will give you a quote on how many hours it will take to fulfill your requests. Once we get the okay, we’ll start on your project.

Get your edits done

Your edits will be our top priority and we’ll notify you when they’re ready for review. An invoice will be sent after all edits are done.

How it works

This is the perfect service for you if...

You need

something designed

I design everything as if it was our own.

You're limited

on time

You’re busy running a business & don’t have time to make edits to your website.

You're annoyed

with technology

You and tech just don’t get along & you don’t have time to learn a new skill.

I'll make edits to your website

Have a list of items you’d like to change, fix or add on your website? I can do those for you. Send me a list of your edits and I will get them done on the same business day.


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