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Hosted 3 workshops with marketing team to develop brand look & feel. Designed MSBS logo lockups and color theme. 

Based in Rexburg, Idaho, Main Street Business Services is a tax and legal firm that helps personal and small business build and protect wealth through wealth management strategies. 

I was tasked with designing the logo and brand direction for MSBS. When the MSBS marketing team brought me on, they were worn out from working with past designers that didn't fulfill their needs.

I collaborated directly with the CMO and his team and created three 1-hour workshops to define the direction and strategy of the brand. The workshops included, brand voice, color, and look + feel exploration.

The CMO and the marketing team felt involved in the process and felt like the workshops gave them a strong direction before designing the logo. 

When I designed the logo, I gave the MSBS team 3 logo options, each with 4 different lockups. The end result was decided upon by the CMO and his team. Through the discovery phase and workshops they were able to make the right decision without second guessing themselves and feeling exhausted.

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