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Created the brand identity, strategy and launched the site that Mods + Miles leveraged to secure Series A funding and create the modified car market category.

Based in Mesa, Arizona, Mods & Miles is a live car auction platform on a mission to create a sense of belonging and unity to every car enthusiast in the world.

The goal of this project was to create a platform where people could connect with other car enthusiasts to sell and buy their modified cars. In a traditional market, modified cars have a hard time selling and often sell for far less, leaving the seller at a negative balance after devoting hours and money on their modified car.

The challenge with this project was to create a platform where the modified car enthusiasts could connect, buy, sell and share their passion for modified cars. With other competitors on the market like Bring a Trailer and Cars + Bids, Mods & Miles needed something fresh and exciting to bring to the table.

I was tasked with creating the brand identity, brand strategy, and web design (web dev handled by third party). 

My design process started with research. I performed a competitor analysis, created customer segmentation, and tested various copy and messaging structures. 

The brand strategy laid the groundwork for Mods & Miles. I really wanted to ensure that visitors understood what makes Mods & Miles unique. A strong messaging structure with a creative brand heart built that foundation. 

I worked and managed the 3rd party development team to create the website using my design. With tight deadlines and investors interested in meeting, I was able to deliver a solid site and complete branding assets. 

Mods & Miles is the first marketplace of its kind to create a community where these modified cars can be bought and sold. With investors and social media influencers, Mods & Miles plans to grow their platform in the year 2022. 

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