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RIP Aktual Design, Hello EB Design

We had 3 strong years together, but just as hair changes colors (and sometimes disappears) so do businesses.

Now I can't explain every detail about how we got to where we are at today because 1. it's been a full year of events to lead us to today and 2. your attention span as a human being in 2023 isn't that long.

So I'll keep it short. Haley and I decided to spend the better part of 2022 filling our lives with our passions and talents.

For Haley it looked like this:

  • More time with Nora (our daughter)

  • Gardening + home renovations

  • Finding quality time with her awesome husband

For Elliot it kind of looked like this:

  • More time collaborating and leading teams (now leading a team at The Grounded Company as their full time creative director)

  • A focus on personal health and finding a balance between work and life (because I love to work 24/7)

  • More quality family time

Looking back at Aktual Design we are both super grateful for the journey and consider it to be one of the biggest successes of our married lives. As we continue to fill our lives with our passions and talents we look forward to more changes, challenges, and feeling fulfilled.

With that we’re saying goodbye to Aktual Design and hello to EB design.

EB design is my personal brand (Elliot) and it stands for Elliot Beeson. Duh.

At EB design you can expect the same great services as Aktual like

  • Brand strategy

  • Visual identity

  • Web design

  • Marketing

Yes I work solo, but I have a huge circle of designers, developers and marketers I can pull into my projects to get the job done if needs be.

Moving forward I'll be taking on freelance work just like before, but under a new business name.

Feel free to check out my website below. Poke around and if you like what you see let's work together.

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