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A website template is a group of pages with a pre-designed layout. These generic templates can save you a lot of money and are a great way to get started online. Custom websites are 100% designed to fit your brand and your business goals. We recommend starting out with a template, then eventually getting a custom designed website when you're ready to grow your business.

What is the difference between a custom site and using a template?
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I do my best to stick to the template layout and functionality, but may have to move sections around as needed. I only implementing your branding (colors, logo, images and graphics) into a template so there is little customization involved. I am happy to help with section headers, but the rest of the copy will be up to you once we are complete. If you are wanting heavy customization, let’s chat! 

How much of the site do you customize?

This service is a BYOB (bring your own brand). I will upload the logo you provide into the template. If you do not have a logo, I am happy to type out your business name using the template format.

Does this service include a logo?

I will reach out to you before our call to make sure I'll have everything needed to start.

But in general, you will need to have the following items easy to access: Your logo file (if you have one), any branding elements (patterns, graphics, etc.), your color palette (or a sample of what you want for your colors), and all the images you want used on the website. It may be helpful to have your copyright ready so you can easily plug it in once we are done with your site.

What do I need to have ready before we get started?
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I work hard to get the basics finished (logo, colors, graphics & images) by the end of the 2 days. If you submit additional requests beyond the project scope or have delayed feedback, we can schedule a couple of hours to complete the additional work at our hourly rate of $60/hr.

What if we don't finish within the 2-days?

I am happy to help come up with and input headers, but you will be responsible for the rest of the copy. When I am finished on my end, I will show you how to manage and edit your site so you will be able to input your own copy.

Will you input my copywriting?

Purchase a template

If you haven’t yet, purchase a template you’d like to use from Shopify, Squarespace or Wix. If you need help choosing, contact me and we will help you pick!

Gather content

Before our call make sure you have any/all branding assets gathered and ready to use.

Book a time to meet

Use the Book Now button to schedule a 30-min strategy call with us. The more information you can provide the faster we can get it done.


Over the course of 2 business days I’ll work closely with you to get your site up and running. I ask that you provide quick feedback so we can hit the deadline.

How it works

30-minute strategy call

We’ll discuss your needs and assets before starting your project.

Visual implementation

We’ll input your branding, fonts, colors, graphics, images and headlines. (Rest of the copywriting is your responsibility)

Multiple revisions

We’ll provide a total of 3 revisions if we don’t get it right on the first time.

Website training

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of your new site so you can make edits when you need.

What's included for $899

This is the perfect service for you if...

You need

something quick

We brand your purchased template in just 2 business days.

Time is a luxury

for you

Setting up a website is yet another thing you don't have the time for.

You're annoyed

with technology

Tech just isn’t your forte and you don’t have the time to learn a new skill.

I'll plug your brand into a template

I’ll take your purchased template and plug in your branding, colors and images in just 2 days. A 30-min strategy call with you is all I need to get you a go-live ready site in 48 hrs.


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