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Worked directly with stakeholders to develop brand identity, strategy, website and marketing materials which resulted in 10x more donations.

Sunny Haven Ranch is a nonprofit organization based out of the bay area working to build a community where adults with severe autism can receive the care they need and live the lives they deserve. 

I was tasked as creative director to manage a team of designers and developers to create a brand identity, strategy and website. Working with the board of directors, I was able to communicate their emotional and impactful story throughout their branding.

Because Sunny Haven Ranch is a nonprofit, they run solely off donations. The site I built makes donating quick, easy and meaningful for those willing to contribute to this incredible organization. 

As Sunny Haven Ranch grows, more opportunities are possible for adults with autism. I am honored to be a part of this project in helping create better lives for those living with autism.

Case study

Sunny Haven Ranch

My role

Art Direction

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Brand Messaging

Website Design


Sunny Haven Ranch



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