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Hosted 3 workshops with marketing team to develop brand look & feel. Managed a team of designers and developers to execute  my website design. 

White Fox is a team of backup and recovery specialists that focus on disaster recovery and business continuity at a monthly cost. They utilize the best technology and software available to handle all the install, configurations, monitoring, testing, reporting and any types of recoveries. 

My job as creative director and lead designer included the digital transformation of the brand, as well as conceptual and creative redevelopment of the website and brand strategy. 

The challenge for this project was simplifying the brand copy and creating a messaging structure that was easy to understand and implement. To solve this, I created a brand messaging structure with pillars, and guidelines that allows the White Fox team to create strong and punchy messaging. 

A complete repositioning of the brand and a digital expansion of communicative touch points were created within 3 months. 

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White Fox

My role

Art Direction

Brand Strategy

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Brand Messaging

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White Fox



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